Video Selections

Video Selections

A selection of Wigan Athletic related video clips for your enjoyment.


Stalkers Gallery

Stalkers Gallery

Got yourself snapped with a Latics legend? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your picture and we'll add it to our gallery.


Sheffield United v Wigan Athletic

Latics look to put an end to away day hoodoo.

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The SLO guide to navigating Millwall

Well off we go to Millwall, lovely day for it. For those that havent a clue what to do or how to get there, here is some info our Wigan Athletic Supporter Liaison Officer Jason Taylor has sent over....

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Criticism for Everton youngsters at Wigan, but how will they react?

Football fans can be a critical lot, even at the best of times, but when performances and results aren’t going as hoped, pointing the finger of blame somewhere is often the easiest reaction. Currently on loan from Everton, both Antonee Robinson and Callum Connolly have been in the firing line of late; albeit for different reasons.

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Betting on Footie – How to Get Started and Mistakes to Avoid

Want to make the game all that more exciting, while at the same time potentially earning a little cash?

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Wigan v Bristol City

Wigan Athletic put their unbeaten home record on the line in the live televised match on Friday night against fellow high flyers Bristol City. 

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How does a queue work?? New beer pricing at £3 a pint and new food???

A lot has been going at the Stadium over the summer and most of it has made the match day experience better and believe it or not cheaper.

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Today 11:58
Isis Brides I wouldn't believe all you read or watch from the mainstream media, half of it is complete bollocks! https://www.rt.com/op-ed/451623-bbc-staged-footage-douma-chemical-attack/ I'd also go as far as to say that we as a nation are just as complicit as any...
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Today 11:56
Will Grigg Rumour Just how many of our youth development players have actually made the transition to the first team? I bet you could count them on the hand of a wood machinist!
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Today 10:27
Isis Brides What about the other 400 who have returned. Security services do not have the resources to monitor all of them. What other country would allow such an outrage ?.They gave up any right to British citizenship and should have been turned back....to where ? Who...
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Today 08:59
Irritating People League: 100% and his interview after the FA cup game showed him up as the knob he is I actually like him, always have, and he has handled himself well with the tragedy of the last few weeks. Handled it with dignity, and the fact he has travelled to Argentina...
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Today 08:49
Good Luck, Flynny! Sooner have the Welsh any day before the Sweaties.

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