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And they're off!!

New campaign kicks off in Milton Keynes.

The long wait from the end of last season, 90 days to be precise, will be over at 3pm tomorrow when the new league season kicks off at Stadium:MK.  Yet again there has been plenty of change on and off the field at the club with a new Manager, new players and of course a new division all to be taken into account.  The general consensus seems to be that we will again push for promotion as we did two years ago and could even win the division for a third time.  Personally, I will wait until the transfer merry-go-round ends at the end of the month before I jump in with a prediction for the simple reason that we could lose our main stars and fail to replace them.  New captains Sam Morsy and Dan Burn, Will Grigg and Nick Powell are all still here at the time of the writing and if we can get them on the field all season then we obviously have a better chance than if we lose them at the end of the window.  I do think Morsy and Burn will now stay which was possibly the reasoning behind their appointment.

The players that have been brought in by Paul Cook all seem to have strong pedigrees at this level which is promising and something that we lacked last season in my opinion.  We had far too many players who had either failed at that level or were trying to step up and ultimately that led to the poor season that we had.  That leads me to wonder why anyone in the Championship would want to sign Will Grigg after he has struggled to score goals on three occasions in that league.  Then again, people appear to be wanting Max Power who I thought was out of his depth for large parts.

Cook himself has a good pedigree in the lower divisions having won the League Two title on two occasions with Chesterfield and Portsmouth and he managed to take Chesterfield into the playoffs the following season which would be considered an achievement for a club of that size having only come up the previous season.  A 46.4% win ratio from his Chesterfield and Portsmouth days (43.6% in all) is also a solid stat, and personally I think he will get us playing some good football.

MK Dons

Of all the sides we will face this season there probably isn't one I would like to see us beat more than Franchise FC and that includes the likes of Bury, Blackpool, Blackburn and Oldham.  The fact that they have been allowed to exist and to begin their history in the Football League is a joke and an insult to Wimbledon.  Luckily when AFC Wimbledon were formed they were allowed to keep the history of the original Wimbledon, but it should have been them competing in the Football League year after year and MK should have had to work their way through the pyramid.  Imagine for a second that Dave Whelan chooses to sell the club and a wealthy investor buys us.  Just when we think the tide is going to change he decides that Wigan is a rugby town and opts to move us miles away from our home to say the Lakes as he feels that the area is begging for a football team.  They then completely strip all the history from the club such as the crest, the colours, the culture, the fans and the only memory of us is that they are called Windermere Latics.  Windermere take our place in League One and we are forced to form a new club in the basement tier of English football playing at Little Lane or Laithwaite fields and having to fight for the honours we rightly earned as a club such as FA Cup Winners 2013 or the numerous league titles we have.  How would that make you feel? The whole thing was and is a disgrace and I would probably rather see MK Dons go bust and disappear far more than I would our near neighbours Bolton.  At least I can enjoy a healthy rivalry with them and some good banter with knowledgeable fans.  What do people from Milton Keynes who have watched a club for 10 years know about football?


League One

P 46
W 16
D 13
L 17
F 60
A 58
GD +2
Pts 61


Pos 12th

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