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Pies or Pasties?

Pilgrims visit DW for midweek clash.

I'm not sure who plans the fixtures at The Football League, but they must have been smoking something when they opted to play this one on a Tuesday night. OK, so Plymouth is pretty much miles away from everywhere but surely they could play the likes of Portsmouth or the London clubs on a Tuesday and we could play the numerous North West sides? Instead, they are expecting Argyle fans to travel (according to Google maps from Home Park to The DW) 285 miles to follow their side. At the time of writing it predicts a 4hr 54min journey time but I'm pretty sure you can add at least an hour to that. And they wonder why the lower league clubs are struggling financially. I don't think 10,000 Plymouth fans would have been travelling up on a Saturday but it would be a damn sight more than will bother tonight.  The press then have a field day criticising them for a poor following without actually looking at the situation.  Or maybe that's just when its us.

Anyway, that's the ranting over with. 

Saturday was another taste of what happens if you don't take your chances and was certainly 3 points dropped. That's 5 we have dropped now from games that should have been over with at half time. It isn't so much an issue at this stage of the season but those 5 points could bite us firmly on the buttocks at the end of the season especially if we keep losing against sides around us.  Not all of them will fall away as the season progresses.

The defeat wasn't as bad "performance wise" as the one at Shrewsbury and there probably wasn't too much that Jamie Jones could have down about the goals.  We are more than capable of scoring goals as we have shown at home, but away from home we do seem to struggle that little bit more to break sides down.  I'm not too concerned at this moment in time though because we are usually pretty dominant in games and we won't miss the chances we missed at weekend every week.  I'd be more worried if we weren't creating chances if I'm honest.

I'm not too sure whether Paul Cooks comments after the game on Saturday about us being "tough to manage" and a side "full of egos" are a good thing or a bad thing. You could read into them that he is frustrated by the points we are throwing away and that the players ego means they don't like to lose, or you could read it that they basically do whatever they want as opposed to what he asks of them and as soon as things get tough they will spit the dummy and be off. I guess we will find out as the season goes on, but either way he needs to look at the ego situation and manage that as best as he can.  There will be a tough spell this season and the last thing we need is players who are not willing to pull together for the cause when it happens.  I commented a few weeks ago that Nick Powell is clearly enjoying his football because if he had been kicked around the park last season like he has been this then he would have been on the treatment table by now and out for several weeks.  When he is enjoying his football he is a quality quality player as we have seen and Paul Cook needs to ensure he is doing just that.

We should win the game convincingly tonight when you look at the league position and form of the two sides but we can't take anything for granted.  League sponsors SkyBet are of the belief that we will win the game easily though with odds of just 4/11 on a home win and 15/2 for the visitors to grab their first away win.


Plymouth are struggling on their return back to League One after finishing behind Paul Cook's Portsmouth side on goal difference.  Sitting in 23rd position with just one win from their opening 9 games, The Pilgrims have failed to win away from Home Park this season having drawn 2 and lost 3 of their 5 away games so far this season and have scored just 3 goals.



League One

Pl 9
W 1
D 2
L 6
F 6
A 16
GD -10
Pts 5

Position 23rd

Last match v Doncaster Rovers (H) Lost 3-0.

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