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You’d be watching rugby only if he buys it. He wants the ground not the club, we’d be with Bury

In which case if Koukash buys it (a St Helens fan), he should put the Cuckoo’s rent up as his first job. I’m with Bullit; Lenagan doesn’t appeal to me at all, and I might just vote with my feet because I cannot see anything in it other than Lenagan’s self interest. I remain to be convinced !

I’m more concerned about Koukash sticking to the FFP rules and not spitting his dummy out when he can’t buy success as he did at Salford

Ffp doesn’t mean a damn thing. Look at Wolves. Look at Man City and Chelsea. All have spent or spend far more than what they generate.
Look at Nob End, financed like a toy for uncle Trev to the extent of something like 90 million over the years. Rovers and the chicken men. Cheapest seats around and little support and generating a fraction of income than what the chicken men put in.
Hats off to a couple of clubs. The Dingles and Brentford have it right.