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Admins only ones, I presume this because
1 EFL don’t think they’re fit
Firstly because their figures included the Supporters money, then resubmitted with a cost neutral proposal. Add to that the more than dubious characters in the background
2 WASC don’t seem to want them, I presume because they tried to buy the club with money they didn’t say they could have and therefore rightly wonder whether they have the funds or the right plan for WAFC
3 Lisa Nandy is dead set against it
4 Wigan Council don’t back it.

Its enough for me to wonder why an exclusivity keeps getting extended when there has been other(better) interest.
I say better, but we don’t really know it, though I think everything should be on the table when the Spanish consistently fail the EFL checks.

:unsure: :unsure: :-(

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