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Good morning folks ….. Oh, I so identify with the sentiments on these postings.

Yet again I’ve surprised myself. I’m like so many of you, and have struggled to muster the energy to generate enthusiasm on match day …. and then I read that the last few of our old team, guys with a bit of age and experience are all probably on their way, and half the short term lonees are going back. I find it hard. I feel a nano gram of guilt for feeling like this.

I like coming on here to see how my virtual friends are, and realising I’m not alone. That is reassuring.

Anyway, I was only a ‘tic fan for about 8 years, and I have met some of the lovliest, most fun people that have added to some of my best moments in the UK. You can all have some credit for that. To you all thanks, but added to that I sincerely hope you all have as good a 2021 as possible in these torrid times, that you and your families all remain healthy and you keep safe.