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For what its worth, Ive just heard Paul Stanley’s take on it all, and its hard not to believe him. He thinks they just got cold feet and pulled out…if you look at the changing situation in the UK, and Europe, its not a good time at all to look at foreign investment. I mean because of Covid, but there are also the changes in legislation that Brexit has brought. I feared something like this would happen.

We now find ourselves as a club…

With no money. Not sure if wages paid, or not?
With a lot of players out of contract. Not even sure we could legally put a team out.
With vultures circling for like of Joseph and McGurk. Both will leave for 200k in total, I bet. We will be told there was ‘no choice’…probably true, to pay bills.
Naismith on his way to Cyprus.
Evans will be next as well, to leave.

I don’t see us getting out of this, I’m afraid.