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I think its probably true that Moreno got cold feet, but I also think its wrong how its been allowed to drag on until really the 11th hour. I mean, we are in January now, amd a serious buyer would have taken over ans made clear plans to back or replace Leam Richardson, and put funds forward to sign players.
So yes, Id say there are wrongs from the Spanish, and also the Administrator’s, given that these are supposedly experienced football admin people. The rebuilding and restructuring of the squad is down the swanny now. Any chance we had of staying up has pretty much gone out of the window.

If I were Richardson, I would walk away now. Nobody could blame him.
Have the wages been paid? If not, a few coukd walk away. The short term contracts are up, I’m not sure whether the Covid thing is just an excuse for us to stall playing games with no team.
The whole thing is a complete and utter mess. Whatever is going to happen, needs to happen and sharpish. This is the second takeover bid to fall through. And its happened at the worst possible time it could have happened.
I will be surprised if we dont fold.

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