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What kills me is, the guy who the EFL refused in the Spanish takeover wasn’t even been named as been on the board or a director. He was mearly putting in an unsignificant amount of money to make up the full amount.

Seriously?? How many clubs in the country have had a helping hand financially by far far dodgier geezers than him?

EFL do not want us its as simple as that. They can simply refuse anyone who’s had a smidging of a failed business.

I’m afraid the latest lockdown restrictions have put paid to crowds going back and anyone taking us over

Weres DW with a helping hand ? Turned his tele off jet parked up, leets off,

Wigan who ??,

My thoughts them as well mate, said more or less the same to a bloke at work today when i heard the news earlier, what a fuckin’ mess!

Fuck the EFL