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The lockdown is the final nail in the coffin. Who will be prepared to buy a club, fork out for wages, utilities, etc etc and have no revenue?
No sense businessman would touch it with a bargepole. I honestly believe we will be in liquidation within 3-4 weeks. :cry:

I’m 69, i’ve supported Latics since i was 12, it’s looking really bad.

Some of my friends are older than me and have supported Latics longer than me,
just because i’ve posted on LS site, that some of my mates have had enough
due to this takeover fiasco, they are called, not ‘True’ Latics fans.

They have spent £-Thousands supporting Latics over the years and followed Latics
all over the Country, these are blokes in their late 70’s,not 18 years of age.
and not the ‘Glory’ fans, who went long ago.

Like you have said, anyone who wants to buy us will have to have ‘Very Deep Pockets’.