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We have yet to hear the Spanish reasoning for halving their offed at the 11th hour. Until we do I am reserving judgement on this.
If they remain silent and simply walk away without giving any kind of explanation then I’m afraid you have to say they just got cold feet with Brexit and more lockdowns.

The EFL and administration can shoulder some of the blame because had they not taken 3 fcukin months to push the deal over the line we’d in the hands of new owners but the longer it went on doubts slowly crept in.

So come on Moreno man up and explain to us fans why the 50% reduction in your offer or fcuk off and don’t come back you time wasting cnut. Had you have done this reduction 2 months back we could have been offered to other potential buyers.
Why admin didn’t listen to others when exclusivity ran out twice I’ll never know fcukin bellends

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