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Administration were happy to accept the reduced bid and the following 15pt deduction but Moreno wanted the deduction waiving. That’s the only reason those club screwing vultures rejected the bid. Horrible set of turds they are.

Its the EFL rules that if you do not pay who you owe a percentage you are deducted 15 points. The offer the Spanish would have not been enough to pay the creditors.
What admin failed to point out is and mudhutters “NEED TO ASK ADMINISTRATORS” is,
Who pays the admin bill and when is it paid. Also, as it stands up till now (ball park figure) how much is owed to them in fees due to date. I’d like bet they turned the Spanish bid down, not because creditors wouldn’t have been paid but more like they would have got all their astronomical fees.

Don’t be shocked if we owe to the scum more than the clubs £3million sale figure.
Fcukin vultures scumbags picking the bones and still milking it to the end.