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The more I think about this take over in these times the more I think we are well and truly fcuked.
Even if someone came in next week with an offer on the table I’m sure the EFL will fcuk us up grand style by taking even longer than the 3 months it took.
Then we have the likely hood that someone within that bid raided their school tuck shop float while and therefore be found unfit to run a football club.

Then we have admin who have totally devastated the clubs assets by selling everything no negotiating sales and all for peanuts (Euxton been the bargain of the century) I just cannot see how we can survive.

It would basically need a multi millionaire to throw frithful money at us with no promise of a return. So for me get ready for liquidation. The Spanish have led us a merry dance while admin said
Na, its ok, we’ve got this one at hand we don’t need to keep our options………..

Wow! Moreno, were u go my liddle frend??