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Exactly so, as fans we have 3 choices

Dip into our pockets to fund the monthly wage bill. We need a target, a figure monthly to aim at so let’s says its 250k we have a target to meet.
Option 2 sell our prize assets for peanuts
Option 3 the unthinkable liquidation and start again 10 tiers down.

I’m still staggered that with all his wealth DW has gone silent and disappeared off the planet.
I know if it was me I couldn’t and wouldn’t watch it die without helping even if only for a month or 2 or buy it and give it back to the supporters club who can then offer it as part of the sale free for a % on the board along with their 800k
DW beggars belief, you can take it with you

I’m sure it was stated somewhere that DW is no longer in control of his faculties and his family had power of attorney over his finances. So he isn’t taking it with him. His family aren’t interested in Latics, so I don’t blame them one bit for not giving their inheritance away to something that isn’t important to them.