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At least we are talking about the football rather than all the financial mess that started last summer.
True Latics fight and determination That we all know and love.

Happy 2021 everyone , can’t be any worse surely ?

Let’s hope we can rebuild this together, Club and fans. I think what happened to us is a reality check, not just for us, but all fans of football team across the land. This can happen to anybody.

I think back to a bloke who goes in my local, moved to Wigan about 10 years ago and a proud Bury lad. Would have anything said against anything in or from Bury. But he supported Liverpool, and by support I mean he would go in the pub and demolish 15 pints whilst watching them on TV. I just wonder if he and about 20 of his mates had watched their local team instead of following other teams, would they still be in the league right now? :negative:

There are plenty of Wiganers like this too, that I would hope will see the bigger picture and help us build a great future, but I will not hold my breath. :cry:

I think 2021 will be a rebuilding one, ready to do some damage from the 2022 season (though it would be nice if we could achieve something in the 2021 season. Surviving in this league would be a huge triumph in my opinion this term, especially with all the restrictions we have had thrust upon us at no fault of our own.

FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that