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I don’t know if anyone listened to Simon Jordan today on Talk Sport he made some scathing points.
1 point is, they are on over £350 an hour and have been since July. He also pointed out that, when he sold his mobile phone business for £100million he was charged £1.1million.
He then said, how can they charge £1.9million+ for a business worth no more than £10million.
They are the first to be paid if we end up been liquidated. It doesn’t matter if they sell Joseph for 1k they still get paid. They answer to no one and by the time they’ve done they will be £1.9million better off.

Were have and still are been screwed by admin who move the goalpost weekly to stretch it out for as long as possible.

Put it this way,
Name me any other business were you make more money by failing to sell ?.

At this point we need someone MP’s whoever need to step in. We are now been taken to liquidation purely for monetary gain by admin who are hell bent on never selling the club.

Disgusting fcukin parasites I hope they rot in hell

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