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When the Chinese pulled the plug we did not actually owe anything. They withdrew all future funding.Strictly speaking we did not actually have to immediately go into administration. It was on the advice of our admin team ( I wonder why ?).Could Royle and Jackson not have approached the EFL to ask for say one month to find a new owner ? I might be talking complete nonsense here but surely that would have been a better solution.

They actually gave no notice of administration, the first anyone at the club knew about it was the afternoon before Stanley, Watson and Krasner walked into the stadium. I was sat in JJ’s office 11am that morning, where he told all that had gone on in the previous 36 hours, including him begging for them to not put us in administration as we would find a buyer if they gave a bit of time. This was something they had been planning for months I feel…….. The EFL actually knew about it before JJ, as the admins had already contacted them…..

FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that