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After yet another spineless none performance last night i am starting to doubt if LR/GR are really doing a decent job, the team last night were well short on ideas, we couldn’t manage to break down a really poor 10 men Swindon, management team short on ideas after their guy was sent off (with plenty time on the clock)

Not one attacking player left on the bench, otherwise we could have taken a defender off as Swindon were only playing one up and he was back defending the lead most of the time, i hope LR/GR read the riot act to that useless lump Jamie Jones for the pathetic attempt to catch the ball that lead to their goal and the absolute pointless yellow card.

The difference between two shit teams last night was Jamie Jones throwing the ball into the net for their winner.

After last night i really do fear the worst, i understand its going to be difficult but an experienced manager required asap, or its League 2 for us i’m afraid!

Fuck the EFL