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Let’s see what he says when new Latics owners put his rent up from a pish taking 10% of all gate fees to the going rate a million a year

West Ham only pay £2.5m for exclusive use of the Olympic Stadium, which included changing all the seats to Claret & Blue. And they get a 50% reduction if they get relegated. And they get 30% of all match-day catering revenue. And the landlords pay for all stewarding.

If you think that £1m a year (and 100% of the catering) just to play a handful of rugby games on a shared pitch in Wigan represents a good deal then you are deluded.

Mind you, if Danson does end up owning both clubs, then feel free to help contribute to the £2m per year that the Latics would be charged, based on twice as many games. £500+ season tickets for L2 football?