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12 goals in 8 years is hardly going to save our bacon. Were basically bringing in anyone with a pair of boots basing squad on quantity not quality.
Again, please some tell me how are we affording new players when we’re in admin slowly going broke and, who the fcuk is picking these new players?.
Are they just ringing round all those who don’t have a club till one says “Yeah , go on then”.
Its a farce all controlled by Admin who’s main aim is to keep us going for as long as possible as regardless.
If we go bump they are the first to be paid so the get the same fee regardless.

Make you wonder why, when there’s mention of a new potential owner is in the mix at the last minute they suddenly drop out.
I wonder what magic trick admin are using to keep the ball rolling. Could it be their bill and its constantly going up and finally 600k bonus for selling ?.
Admin are fcukin leaches of the highest order that drain you of life then spit you out.
A message to Michael Danson £1.1 billion
You can take it with you, same box as me when your done