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That is the issue we have being a club of our stature.

Clubs like Sunderland, whilst still losing money, know that they can rely on gates of 20k+ and similar to their much bigger Geordie cousins they all buy shirts in the club shop.

We struggle for gates of 10k (home fans) even in the Championship and I would say the majority of those don’t buy shirts.

Then you factor in the future. I would say most kids up that way support Sunderland or Newcastle. We have a town full of plastic scouers and mancs who in turn bring their kids up to support Liverpool or Utd. The odd one or two (such as myself) may rebel and support Wigan, but the fact our “family stand” is usually half empty is always somewhat of a concern.

Currently…..we are unable to sell season tickets and are reliant on the club shop and streams. People who don’t buy the kit however won’t suddenly start to buy the kit because we are admin. Just won’t happen.

So basically, we are in a far worse position than other clubs who have or may go into admin. Previous clubs still had matchdays to make money from to cover costs. We have nothing.

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