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Streaming channels and other small incomes you quote come nowhere near to the monthly wage bill mutt you still have players earning obscene wages and parachute payments only last 3 seasons. Surely you must be worried especially as you have followed our struggles. I came to like Your owner as he seemed to understand the need to make massive cutbacks in expenditure although he didn’t have the necessary time to implement them before covid hit. He also saw he needed massive investment from outside or he would need to sell up. Again thanks to this covid shit he has had to put the club up for sale. Sure once fans are allowed in again Sunderland can make a recovery by getting the masses back into the stadium but I’m sure at present their debt is growing on a weekly basis.

Not worried as whilst the wage bill is too high, all new signings have been made with this now-outlawed Salary Cap, hence why we have such dog-shit on the pitch in most positions. Our left back was released by Plymouth last season FFS….

In terms of income, £20m of the parachute payments were kept back by the owners in the form of a loan from the club to the holding company. It stank at the time, but the owners were adamant that they had done nothing wrong and the “loan” would be repaid. My understanding is that money is being drip-fed back into the club as and when it is needed. As I have already said, there was a lot of ST sold and a lot of fans are buying streaming passes for away games. Next month there would have been 5000 Sunderland fans at the DW, each paying £20 each – £100K for WAFC and nowt for SAFC. Instead there’ll be 5000 streams sold at £10 each, where you get the income from the first 500 and we get the rest – £5,000 for WAFC and £45,000 for SAFC. Replicate that over the season and away games suddenly become quite lucrative for a well-supported club.

The owners, whilst appearing all nicey at the start were quickly found out to be chancers who had bet the house on an instant return to the championship, where they could flog us for a profit. When that didnt happen, they didnt have a plan B or the money to fund a plan B, hence why we went up for sale just over a year ago. A mixture of too many draws, change of manager and a season-ending pandemic just after we’d taken 1 point from 2 games meant we were pipped for a play-off spot on PPG. Had that last game been called off and had we not conceded a 95th minute equaliser in the next to last game, then we would have been in the play-offs. Small margins eh?