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Our administration has been different though egg. We didn’t run out of money and couldnt pay the players and we were paying the necessary debts on time. For whatever the real reason is Choi and Yeung planned it to happen and scarpered at the earliest opportunity. At the time we had huge assets in Robinson and Gelhardt who would have brought in millions a few week later a d all would have been rosy. Unlike all the other clubs as well we were only operating for a few months without fans before admin. This season we have been running on less than a shoestring budget selling off what’s needed to fund the cost of this season. Using academy players on very low wages and bringing in players who were unwanted elsewhere again earning buttons. All the other clubs have still been trying desperately to operate as normal. So I dont see how we can be in a worse position during this period than the rest. Our debt is still coming down and if an owner comes in and pays the asking price it should disappear. How many other clubs will be saying the same

Because every other club has an owner who can put money in when needed.

We are paying the wages albeit small, with income alone and no other means of generating money.

Absolutely correct egg but we are not amassing debts along the way trying to survive the season that’s my point. Many other clubs are going further into debt so as long as a new owner pays the asking price we will be ok even if it’s in Div 2.