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Some of our fans are an embarrassment, the vast majority of which frequent vital and hence why I don’t.

What Leam has said resonates through the squad, they are basically turning up and doing fitness training. There are no guys monitoring performance and therefore the stats are not being fed to the non-existent coaching staff.

I know there will be a day where this club and this team will be back and back with a vengeance, it just will not be this season. Nobody in there right mind will buy a club that has no assets and no income to immediately start pumping money into it.

There is an argument that if we are relegated and they take over it will cost more, but right now we are not adrift and so I can fulwell see the ideology behind delaying the takeover as long as is possible. I might not like it or agree with it, but that is because I am a fan and not a multimillionaire that wants keep losses to a minimum