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For us to entice any potential owner we first must show there’s still some fight in both the players and manager.
To me, some of these lot are not even at non league level they are simply not good enough.
Now you can tell me all kinds of crap about admin and money whatever I’m on about players who’d look at home over Little Lane on a Sunday.

When we played the young lads they lacked experience but they were mainly comfortable in possession and lacked nothing in effort.

These lot ?, Jesus Christ ! I was clapping whenever someone passed forward or didn’t hump it.
I’ve said this in the past, what TF is the point of a youth system that when you are knee deep in sh1t you dump them all and replace with players who are here looking for a stop gap till the summer window opens.

If we are taken over not one of these new comers deserve a contract not a fcuking single one that’s unless they can warm up pies properly.
Worse side ever to play for Wigan at the DW stadium.