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Again it comes down to expectations and reality.

Playing the kids every week and losing every week will do nothing for their development. Some are also nearer to being first team ready than others. Don’t forget, these are the same kids that some people slagged off when we lost to Chorley.

The club has to do everything it possibly can to try to stay in this division so has tried to bring in some experience, but the stark reality is we will more than likely go down.

The players we have brought in are in the main, no good. They’re the players nobody else wants. But one thing they do have is that they signed for us wanting to play football. They all know the situation in terms of money and won’t be on big wages. The loan lads might even still be getting paid by their parent club. There is nobody currently at the club for a pay day or for an easy life.

We’re no longer a big (ish) name in this league and will no doubt be starting our next chapter in the bottom tier. To expect anything else is just madness.

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