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Most of our fans are absolute idiots Ad. I’d go as far as to say, they are utterly retarded.

For two seasons they have done nothing but slag off Paul Cook and the players because we weren’t challenging at the top of a league in which we were paupers. (Looking where the promoted sides are currently will show you the level of that league)

There were some calling for his head and wanting to appoint people like Nigel Pearson and Neil Warnock. Jesus…imagine the debts if we did something like that.

A few have tried to tell these fans that we have no money and that to survive in the Championship is an uphill task for us but they wouldn’t listen. The fact we had to rely on over £1m a month investment just to balance the books shows you how tough.

Enter administration, and the same group of fans are mouthing off about this that and the other and have literally no idea what state the club is in or how these things play out. Praising players who basically walked out on us and did everything they could to get away.

Start of the season some of these “experts” thought we would win the league. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. No players, but we were going to win the league. :wacko: :wacko:

When we are in the exact position that we should be in and giving our everything, these same fans criticise the players, the manager and anyone else throwing shit around like “worst team ever”

I can almost understand it from the new breed who have seen PL, Championship and think we can come down to L1 and bully clubs with parachute payments, but the old breed who know what troubles we have had before and what size of a club we are going on about shit like that is just ridiculous.

I came off the likes of twitter recently because the #wafc handle is just full of these idiots.