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Im not usually one to criticise players or the team. However in some respects I get where cupwinners is coming from. Take for example the 2nd goal we conceded last week vs Oxford. I haven’t seen defending like that since my son played at under 7 level.

I do appreciate the fact these guys are turning out for our club & I too expected us to be where we are in the table. But come on, surely they should know the basics of defending.

You’re right, the defending is terrible but again that goes back to the fact that these players aren’t good enough, and as JayT said on another thread, we don’t actually have any coaches or any analysts to try and give them a helping hand.

It’s annoying, it’s depressing but as the saying goes it is what it is. We can’t bring anyone in that is any better.

I saw the quote from Leam Richardson what someone had posted on Facebook yesterday. It was spot on about having no chairperson, coaches etc. We cannot bring in anyone better – that is absolutely true. But these players should know the very basics of basic defending. Regardless of how good or bad they are.