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Look at Bolton last season they were rooted to the bottom of the league all season after having points deducted and they also suffered some horrendous hammering. The fact we are not cut adrift is miraculous to say the least. Leam and the players will probably be the first to admit they are not good enough. They are trying their best which is all to plain to see is nowhere near good enough. It’s not their fault. Leam had no choice but to become manager he didn’t want the job. We have nothing no leadership no quality no money no fallbacks. The players have not given up or couldnt care they are simply out of their depth. The senior players like Massey and Evans have witnessed the slaughter of the club and have probably been affected more than most. We are where we are until an owner is found and relegation is inevitable. We hate the situation we are all broken hearted but we must still believe. COYL