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I see now that we have stopped doing it again, after going back to it after a break.

I think it is mandatory for the Premier League and optional for the EFL clubs unless they are on Sky Sports when they have to do it. If you see Wigan take the knee only occasionally then it will probably mean the other club are still adopting it every game.

As for its relevence and whather its made a difference – I would say it hasnt and the online trolling has got worse. Whether it is the boredom of lockdown or the constant stream of BLM and race issues being pushed at the public or a mixture of both is up for debate. I was listening to a podcast the other day where the feeling was that the sheer number of CCTV cameras have driven racial abuse of footballers from the stands to social media and we will still be talking about it in 30 years time.

Personally, I feel that the run up to that referendum has emboldened the racists in the UK and the result has made them think in their warped minds that they have a letitimacy to abuse foreigners.