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It definitely wasn’t gutless, it was just bad finishing and anxiety in front of goal.

Apart from the obvious blunder leading to their goal we did play some good stuff.

How good is Luke Robinson getting?

I thought up until their gift of a goal we were playing quite decent. It was more a case of bad defending yet again that cost us. I appreciate this team has been thrown together with blu tack & sellotape, but the error was down to “basic” defending.

As a coach many years ago of an under 7, 8 & 9’s football team, we taught & drilled it into them to talk to one another on the pitch. It was another embarrassing blunder yet again.
All one of them had to do was shout to the other.

I thought we were the better team in the second half & had at least a couple of decent chances.

And I agree, Robinson is a great prospect. As are quite a few others.