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In all honesty, why would someone from Bahrain, or anywhere in fact, want to buy this absolute skeleton of a football club?
Its been plundered of any valuable assets, the team needs a complete overhaul and loads of money spending on it, we look like going down to League 2, and no income this season at all, with no crowds.
When the Chinese bought us, we were a much much better prospect, a Championship Club witb fair prospects and some decent players. Could understand interest in us then. But now? No, I’m sorry, I just dont see why anyone would want us at all. Just being honest. I really think the mention of Bahrain Australia, or wherever these so called ‘interested parties’ supposedly hail from, is absolute bullcrap…I really do. Come on lads! Lets be honest with ourselves. If someone wanted us, theyd have had us by now. The administrators are just dragging it out. I will be surprised if we finish this season.

I watched Saturdays game, but its the last time I will be watching. Not forking any more tenners out for the charade that we are. Just going through the motions, and apart from thenyoung kids, who nobody can blame, the rest of them are abysmally shite. A real mish mash of shite. Players nobody else wants. If Filt and Proctor were any good, theyd be in Rotherham United’s team. Darikwa? Don’t rate him…I dont rate any of the arrivals. Not Richardsons fault…Id walk tomorrow, if Cooke wants him. Wouldn’t stick around here, for the death plunge.