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The SC need to get their fingers from up their arses in that case, then again they won’t even give an update now and again, its all NDA this, that and the other, don’t forget we the fans gave most of that £850K, we deserve some info now and again!

What is the point in giving updates when things were no further along. The Administrators gave weekly updates giving zero information and got slaughtered for it, WASC gave no information except when there was something to report and got slaughtered for it. I can say that Caroline and Adam have been 100% invested in this and have done what they can when they have been given the chance to do so. There are plenty of others that have been there when needed too. It is an insult and totally wrong when you say they have their fingers up their arse. I don’t see you doing anything but whinge on here, never happy… you must be a joy to live with.

FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that