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Your not wrong 4231. Bet theres been loads of people crawled out the woodwork offering “help” when all they want is to get some info they can tell their mates down the pub or think theyll be the next chairman of the board. As if they’re going to accept help from people they dont know or know if they can trust when they can go through top sports lawyers.

Can you imagine some of these muppets in charge? They’d have breached the NDA pretty much daily, burnt every bridge they’d built with any bidders and there’d be nobody talking to them because they can trust them about as much as an out of date bottle of milk.

I can imagine the comments from these same people if a bidder came out and said “we didn’t buy the club because we spoke to the supporters club and they betrayed our trust when they gave everyone our name and address on twitter”

Literally not got a clue our lot, they don’t deserve the club to be saved in all honesty.