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SO the supporters club released a statement saying they have spoken to the Bahrain consortium on the 4th March who’d in-turn stated that the takeover is in the advanced stages
Admin came out and said around the same time 4-5th saying that the Bahrain takeover had gone cold
please explain someone.

Looks like that fat Leeds cnut is working hard to make it collapse like all the others. Their hoping Sunderland get promoted then they can delve into the 300k.

What kind of system is this when no one oversee’s the way admin have handled this all?. they are milking us till will die and no one in power does anything.
Were tf is Nandy ?, she pops up, spouts off then fcuks off out of sight,

oh sorry, chubsters arent involved, Once there’s no ground for both then there’ll be uproar from the the fat blood pressure crew.

In Financial terms we have been fcuked from behind then left to die by all. A town who has million / billionaires standing back,
I can’t thank DW for the god times but with those comes the bad times. How he can sit back staring at his jet and watch from afar beggars belief.

Got to agree with your last point.How can local business people who have money and support the club and have sponsored the club in the past sit back and do nothing.