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Business 101 with Latics fans.

Club posts accounts showing big losses:

“We should sack Paul Cook and appoint Neil Warnock/Nigel Pearson/Other high profile manager that would cost a fortune

Club goes into administration and was reliant in funding of circa £2m a month to pay bills:

“Why are we selling everything not nailed dow? This is a joke”

Stadium loses money despite rugby paying rent and needs work.

“Let’s get rid of the rugby we don’t need them”

To sum up….having lost millions of late, the business plan is to remove a guaranteed income stream because of a 30 year grudge on a club no longer owned by the idiot that started it.

:good: :good:

Next week on the intelligence of Latics fans:

“I’d rather go bust than be owned by Ian Lenegan”

“Lenegan never wanted us and just wanted us to die. What a prick”