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The rugbys rent BTW is a % of matchday ticket sales.

All monies on the concourse, hospitality, south stand bar etc go direct to the stadium company.

So that would be a minimum of 14 weeks of income down the drain plus the rent money.

And the stadium was still losing money.

That is why Lenagan conned the council into letting him use the RP Stadium next door, so he can start tapping into all the hospitality money and depriving us of that income too.
With regards to the Stadium not making money, that is down to one fella out of his depth. Clueless at how to manage a stadium or people. Andrew Birch.

Had offers to host top sporting events, all sorts of daytime in the week stuff and priced the stadium out of it. I think WASC has had situations like that in the past, eg PIEGATE.

Get a decent stadium sponsor and it cuts the deficit by half at least, get events going on. Big boxing ring in the middle of the pitch in the week prior to the pitch’s annual relay. Darts qualifiers. Snooker qualifiers. Bloody tiddlywinks qualifiers.

Soon eat into the losses and could even provide a profit so that a maintenance programme could start, seeing as nothing has been done since it was built.