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Hi Jason,
Given the very worrying statement given by Paul Stanley re the Bahraini team going very quiet, coupled with other rumours re there being no other credible bidders, and topped off by the Admins saying last friday that there’d be no further friday updates, isn’t it appropriate (and timely) that the Supporters Club issue another update. I appreciate the restrictions they’re under with regard to confidentiality, and I also understand that some people will moan if it doesn’t tell them every last little detail, but at this worrying time, something is surely better than nothing.

Most of us (I am sure) are very appreciative of their ongoing efforts, but a slight improvement in comms – even if only to give a warm vibe – would go a long way to calming down the more pessimistic element of our fanbase …….. and it’s a bloody big element !

Many thanks

Sorry for the late reply on this.
I see it was the same day as the WASC update was issued.
Paul Stanley and his company were not in a situation where he could comment on the Bahrain deal, as it was the EFL who were doing their due diligence. But as I have noticed through this process, rather than say nothing, he generally chooses to provide a doom and gloom statement.
The main one that got me was that, if the Spanish deal didn’t go through we would be looking at liquidation, when he knew full well that the fan option is there no matter what.
As it happens, less than 24 hours after his gloom, he comes back with everything agreed and moving on….. hopefully we will be away from the administrators very soon, and writing a new future for ourselves.

FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that