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Coincidence? Bollocks! I smell one snipe nosed grey haired rat.

So you think:

Stanley Choi does an interview in some chinese paper.

Pollard sees this and thinks “this will put the buyers off” so he contacts Kendprick and asks him to post it.

Kendprick agrees.

Give your fucking head a wobble bullshit and take the tin foil off.

Kendprick shouldn’t be posting shit like that but like all journos (including your mate Nixon) he is only after clicks and likes and after his “please please give the spanish a chance” comments is obviously not very bright.

If anyone has forced that to be leaked to scupper the Bahrain bid then its the idiots at Begbies.

You’ve just agreed with me without realising it, no wonder they call you stupid on here!

Fuck the EFL