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Paul Kendrick is a journalist, and a journalist that has an affiliation with Latics.

Therefore, if an article or an interview that Latics fans would find interesting is brought to his attention, of course he’s going to feature it; it’s his job.

But a few things:

1. Ian Lenegan behind it? Brilliant. I need to come back on this forum a bit more often. This is on a par with Bill Gates’ microchip injections and Obama the devil worshipping, Kenyan born paedophile.

2. I doubt the prospective buyers are sat in Bahrain trawling Wigan paper for Wigan related news.

3. The story was in the public domain anyway before Paul Kendrick got hold of it, so could be found with a quick Google search, typing #wafc, or on News Now etc.

4. There are a lot of blatant untruths in Choi’s interview, and some comments that I wouldn’t be surprised to see David Sharpe react to.

5. There’s no remorse from Choi, and it makes him sound like a man who drowning in an ever decreasing spiral of self-pitying shit. Anyone with a bit of common sense can see that.

6. And do you seriously think the buyers would take any heed to what our previous potentially fraudulent and publicly lambasted ex-owners think anyway?

7. Seriously lads, the buyers won’t bat an eyelid at this interview, and I doubt they’ll even read it. I suspect that they may have eyes and ears on the ground already and not rely on what’s printed in Wigan Today.

8. Up The Tics