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Wouldnt those be employed by the stadium management company (ok, I know that its the same owner) in preparation for rugby returning to the DW in a few weeks’ time and the additional workload in turning the stadium round? It was rumoured that one of the reasons the DW wasnt used by superleague for their “hub” games last year was that the administrators had binned off so many groundstaff that those remaining could barely cope with football fixtures, let alone rugby games.

Short-sightedness by Admin IMHO, as the RFL would have obviously paid for the use of the stadium, which would have added to the coffers.

The RFU did let them use it for one of the play off games, but they didn’t factor in the DW Stadium for the ‘hub’ grounds because it was in administration. Figures had been passed to them, clearance had been given by SAG and they could have played. My guess is they didn’t want to commit and then us go into liquidation and therefore the ground couldn’t be used.

With regards to getting the stadium ready, it has been ready and waiting for the green light since early December. I see an email has gone out to fans lately doing a survey of how likely they are to come back to the ground in the new season due to nerves over the disease (notice how they have stopped calling it a virus now). This is basically testing the water as to whether we need to set up a ballot for fans coming back or whether all that say they are coming can fit in to the reduced allocation.

Although the pitch has been looking grim lately, I have noticed over the last couple of games that the grass is finally growing and the pitch is looking much better for it. Will be interesting to see if the new owners will relay it this year, as we have seen how it needs the annual refit after how damaged it got over this winter compared to previous years.

FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that