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My analysis might be boring to some, but here goes:

The drive down the M56 & M6 from Runcorn & getting to my parents house for around dinner time – obviously stopping off at Galloway’s (poolstock) en route. Watching a football game on TV or Jeff Stelling et al if there is no game. My dad asking me the same question “have you heard any team news?” And my usual reply of no!

Walking down to the DW past Eleanor St remembering my old grandparents house that was knocked down to build the new road. Crossing the road walking down the canalside with the anticipation of the match building up with each step. A huge smile upon my face as I arrive at the DW with an equal feel of excitement & pre match nerves.

Entering the concourse. My dad putting his bet on whilst my son & I make our way to the kiosk. Coffee, hot chocolate & pepsi max are ordered – sometimes the occasional chocolate bar, bag of crisps, or even a pie if its a lunch time kick off!

Checking the screens to see who is in the team & either bemused or delighted at the selection. The walk up the steps & the excitement building up once more. Getting to my seat in E6 & breathing in the atmosphere & the pre match nerves creeping in once more.

Applauding the teams as they enter onto the field. I have my own superstition before the game starts. As the team is announced 1 by 1, I applaud each player 3 times. No idea where it came from, but it’s something I’ve done now for many a year. And then watching the game in either excitement, frustration, boredom & many other emotions during 90 minutes. Watching latics I think I go through every emotion possible in 90 minutes than what I do in a week.

After the game, the Springfield run now adopted for the DW comes into effect as we (no idea why) run to the car park before settling for a casual walk back to my parents home. Eventually the drive back to Runcorn & checking the league table on my arrival whilst having my tea.