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It’s another historic day in the Roller-coaster club of ours and for one I’m made up its over. From once topping the Premier League to near obscurity its been one hell of a ride and especially the last few years.
Fair play to our new owners who have instantly made a connection with fans online something those vvankers Choi and Way and including pinky & Perky the Royles failed to do so good riddance to them.
I just hope they have a full understanding of the huge task that financially lies ahead.
This isn’t a straight forward job like buying a 2nd hand car were you hop in and drive away.

This is like buying a car from a breakers yard were every piece of value has been stripped and sold on so your first job is replacing what’s missing and get it running and that’s before you even hit the road.

With Covid and the lack of incoming funds their pockets better be deep. The running of the stadium alone the size of ours will be an expensive job on its own.
The first job, get that f””kin Lenegan paying a fair and up to date rent. Apparently they currently pay 10% of all gate fees a f,,kin joke if true which is nearly rent free and if they don’t like a rent increase ? fcuk off out our hair. They would have happily seen us go under then they’d have paid nearly nothing the Stadium. They’ve happily chugged along paying peanuts while we’ve forked out millions in running the place so cough up or f””k off the parasitic scum.

Let’s just hope Richardson can pull this final miracle off and keep us up.
I personally feel a drop to League two will gave a catastrophic outcome for us as a club and might be a bridge to far in the current climate

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