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It’s great news and I agree 100% they should look to reinstate the old staff so callously treated.
We may have to start at the bottom of the Football
League next season but at least we have a club to support and look how well Bolton are doing now.
As Paul Cook used to say “small steps” which is another word for patience and that is what we all need going forward, no place for Jonny come latelys that’s for sure!
More importantly is the way the club is run in the future will be vital to avoid this ever happening again.
Keep the excellent youth policy going which is obviously a big feature of our club now given our excellent position between the two major football cities of Liverpool and Manchester.
Youth recruitment is global now and it’s been obvious for a few years now we are well placed geographically to pick up the drop off talent.
Use the ground for anything and everything to bring in revenue and get the local kids interested and involved in the club like Dave Whelan did so successfully when he came in back in 1995.
Spruce up the concourses and facilities and get people into the ground early , again extra revenue to help the club.
As I said we all need patience and so do the owners as there will be no quick way back the championship without a proper long term plan.
Hopefully we can stay in league 1 and I have every faith they will do ,just .

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