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No Problem, we will carry on throughout from now on by posting things on here when we find things out.

I chatted briefly with Mal Brannigan last Saturday, and it sounds like he will want to get the supporters to give their views on what they want to happen on a matchday going forward.

In my SLO role over the last 8 years, I have constantly presented ideas to the different commercial managers to get the stadium experience better on a match day. Very few were taken up as their sole remit in the past was to pack the hospitality out.

Basic maths for me tells me that if you get 1,000 fans down to the ground just 45 minutes earlier than they usually do and they spend on average £10 each, that increases turnover by £10k per game. Over a season that would wipe out half the shortfall in match day income we have per year (circa £500k).

If that develops in to 2,00 turning up earlier, or even extending the time at the stadium, then it is feasible the fans could wipe out the operating loss of the stadium without breaking much sweat.

I travel everywhere Wigan goes, I see what other grounds do to give the best experience possible for home and away fans, if we can implement just 25% of what I have seen, it would be huge.

Your thanks is appreciated, but at the end of the day there were no individuals in all this, we got through it together (well mostly)

FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that