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This is were the club needs to get it’s act together over the summer months but firstly for me it’s the managers postion that needs sorting. I don’t think Richardson is suited to the job of a been a manager. I see him as a coach and a good one at that. We need a shrewd manager who can bring the right type of player to the club for the right coin.

There will be 100’s and 100’s of players looking for work in the summer so we need to recruit smartly but for me this is the job of an experienced manager who knows the players out there that will do a job for us. We also have quite a few youth players that need to be sorted out after the cnuts gave them all away.

Personally there are only a handful of players I would keep from the current crop so whoever takes that managers job whether it be Richardson or not has a mammoth task on his hands clearing the decks. We built up a youth system that has produced some excellent young lads who we all thought would play in the 1st team at some point but sadly some have gone with little benefit to the club.

I hope new owners have some funds for wages as this will be our bartering tool but my biggest fear is:

Dropping to League Two,

If this happens I’m afraid the re-building job will twice as long. Again, our first season in League Two will be classed as a consolidation season. It could take 3-5 years minimum to get back to the Championship.