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Thanks. TBH, I didnt expect anything else but abuse from the likes of SSB and Bullitt. They have no class, nor humility.

I won a few quid off sky bet last night when it was 12-1 for a Wigan win. It wasnt tongue in cheek either. The Sunderland squad is packed full of players with contracts expiring who have either played and failed at champ level, or never played at champ level and never will. Very few would have their contracts renewed if promoted and therefore by winning promotion, those same players are almost guaranteeing themselves to be out of a job come 1 June.

There is a massive rebuild at the SOL this summer, regardless of what division we start next season. The only difference is that we are now owned by a serious billionaire instead of a two-bit southern chancer who was only in it to flip a quick profit.