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I agree all the chopping and changing hasn’t helped, but sometimes Richardson as made changes for the sake of it.

Take the other night for example, Aasgaard dropped for Lang

In fairness to Leam it worked & was a good selection choice.

In hindsight yes it turned out well and a well earned 3 points, Aasgaard was tremendous against Doncaster last Saturday and even got on the score sheet, the news at around 4pm on Tuesday said same team as against Donny with Lang on the bench, only for Richardson to change his mind.

Spare a thought for Aasgaaard, he must have been a tad pissed off before kick off.

As far as Leam Richardson is concerned it wasn’t hindsight, it was foresight. He made a change in advance that worked. His job as manager is to make decisions and if anybody gets a tad pissed off then tough. Aasgaard will have a part to play in the run in but Tuesday’s selection has been fully vindicated.