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Maybe we saw their side and felt Lang was a better option?

Stick with “being the better side on the night” as that would be cheating…–regulations/section-5–fixtures/

33.5 List of Players to be handed to Referee. A representative of each Club must hand copies of a list of names of Players taking part in the game (including the name of the nominated substitute or substitutes) (‘Team Sheet’) to the Referee and a representative of the opponents in the presence of the Referee in the Referee’s dressing room at least 75 (seventy five) minutes before the advertised time of kick-off. The Team Sheet shall indicate the full names of Players and shall indicate the colour of the Goalkeeper’s shirt. Neither Club shall publish the teams or otherwise provide details of the teams to any third party (other than League appointed broadcast partners) until 60 (sixty) minutes before the advertised time of kick-off.

Funny. That link gives me a 404 error.

Perhaps your team was leaked on the same social media page that bullitt saw our team? Maybe we had two team sheets and handed in the one with Lang playing when we caught a glimpse of the one you handed in? The old switcheroo. Maybe we asked if we could change last minute and your team agreed because we posed “no problem at all”. Who knows?

What we do know is- you lost again. Thanks for the 6 points, they could be crucial in our future :good:

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