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They’ve got no incentive to go up. Of the starting 11 today 9 are out of contract come the end of the season and one is on loan. Only Baily Wright is contracted to next season. It is a highly unusual situation, as a team would usually have at least 70% on a longer deal or at least have an option to exercise.

So, if you were a L1 standard footballer around 30yrs old and you had this choice:

Get promoted and we wont be renewing your contract as you are not quite up to Championship standard


Dont get promoted and about half of you will get another contract because you are ok at this level as we cant persuade enough Championship level footballers to drop a division.

What would you do? Bust your gut or give 95% effort and come up “just short”. Its human nature to go for the latter as it gives you a better chance of further employment.

It wouldnt surprise me if Max Power was back at the DW next season playing for Wigan as this is his level and I very much doubt he’ll be offered another deal.